If you want we can tag up on an order, I am thinking about September.
I do know John and he is great, so is his son, and they do give great prices on bulk.
I am thinking of these chems, and any Canadians wanting to jump on this give me an email.
BW developer scratch
Glacial Acid
Fix scratch
Hypo Clear Scratch
Carbon material Scratch
Sepia toner scratch
Gum printing scratch

basically the gamut, we will be placing an order and could bulk it up if those of you are serious of stocking up a bit.

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I have had quotes from Nymoc (John, I think was his name) in the past.

I found that Claire, the Formulary,and Artcraft had him beat on price by quite a margin when I was stocking up on dry chems for the mix from scratch stocks 3-4 years ago.

Now I am getting around to restock on things I am running low on. Some of them the Formulary can't ship internationally. Post 9/11 this is due mainly to the ability to use them for more nefarous purposes than just in a darkroom.

So I may be visiting McGee St in the future.