Hi greg !
No, your system is un practical for me. My drain is about 5 ft ABOVE the sink ! So water won't flow upward ....
By now, I've made the hole in the concrete wall to pick up air, and planned the pipe installation for bringing air from this hole to the darkroom. I am designing a filter box and a light tight fan to put air in the darkroom. I have to find a second fan, weaker than the previous one to suck air from the above of the sink, to the exhaust hole in the wall the contractor has made. This way I'll have a positive pressure in the darkroom preventing outside dust to come in ...
Planning is as follow :
Floor and wall painting (floor using a highly resitent paint made for industrial garage or car shops. Ligth yellow. Walls and ceilling pure white, a paint designed for bathrooms. Walls around the enlarger flat black to reduce printing flare, even if my Laborator 1000 does not leak light)
Electrical wiring. Using apparent tubes and a highly sensitive ground fault interrupt switch at the main line...
Lightproofing (entrance door need some work, access doors to others parts of the basement need to become air tight.)
Sink, and others furnitures building.
Plumbing , including the sewer and water panel construction. I'll have a small water heater to have some hot water to raise a bit water temp in winter (for wash water)
Moving all my stuff inside, and print, print, print ! Yes !
Planned difficulties : find a car to go shopping for the plywood panels... I'll ask a friend of mine which owns a truck ;-)
BE able to wait for paint to dry, and fiberglass and epoxy paint to cure ;-)
As I've already done a lot of DIY work (including the roof of my house ) I think I'll be able to complete this work. But how long will it take ? Dunno .
Thanks for all your ideas, help and support !
I'll keep you posted !