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I also used to get pinholes in Efke film when developed in ABC Pyro. I still used plain rapid fixer, but I cut my indicator stop bath down by doubling the dilution of water. It didn't last as long, but the lower acidity stopped the pinholes while still stopping the development. Now, though, I use neither ABC Pyro nor Efke film.
Interesting, because I always used a water stop with the Efke films. The pinholes were there regardless of this. They were minimized when I started using a water bath during processing, but they did not go away completely until I switched to TF-5 as well. But you use a stop bath and an acid fixer, and have no problems. Everybody's process is different.

I had not heard of alkaline stop baths until this thread. Based on PE's take on them, I don't think I will try one. I will stay with water with sensitive emulsions. I skip the stop entirely with PMK. I think I will give TF-4 a try and see if it gives a stronger image stain.

Just to clarify, TF-4 is alkaline, correct?