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Now, I've pushed Portra 400 before, never with push processing though. So I shot a roll at 1600, no ev adjustment, just Aperture priority. Then processed for 3:45 (pushed one stop) and now the results, grainy, very horrible.

I have another roll ready to process done on the same day. Should I try to push it more or less, kinda of at a loss as to why this is not working for me.

If you haven't overdeveloped, you have not "pushed." Rating a 400 film at 1600 is just plain-ol' underexposing it.

I'd try making your own optical prints, or having a professional lab make them. I don't think the scan, the unfiltered gym lighting, or the lack of proper color balancing is doing the film justice. Proper filtration in camera is a great help, even with negative film.