PE, it raises a question for me, based on discussions I've been having with people on other staining developer threads. What is your take on after-development effects on stain? The conventional wisdom regarding most Pyro and Catechol developers is that for maximum imagewise stain, the entire process should be kept both neutral to alkaline, and sulfite free. The key implications being:

a. Acid stop baths and/or fixers can reduce or disolve stain after development
b. Both fixers containing a significant amount of sulfite preservative, and say a typical sulfite-based hypo clearing agent can reduce stain after development
c. Somehow imagewise stain can actually be intensified with some developers/films if the after-development process is alkaline and sulfite-free

Gerald Koch disagrees, at least with (b) since he says the image stain is not soluble in a sulfite-rich solution once development is complete.