That is an Omega DII-VC. I have two of these.

Omega made DII and D2 and used those names somewhat interchangeably and confusingly. DII has the push-pull head and D2 has a geared crank that will raise and lower the head. Before you attempt to move it, make sure the head is on lowest position and locked down. Little knob at the lowest right corner is the locking knob. You might also want to use some rope and secure it in this position. That little knob was never meant to be THAT secure....

Make sure, the condenser (the silver cylinder) has two BIG lens that fills the circumference of the cylinder. Also make sure there is a lens on a plate inside the door that reads "Variable Condenser". Remove it for transportation. (lift and slide out)

You will need a lens plate (for 50mm to 105mm-ish) or cones for 135mm and longer lens. You also need a negative carrier. You can get those here on APUG classified inexpensively when you hit it just right.

It's a wonderful enlarger. I really like mine.