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It's little unclear what you did but... the portion of the film that stayed in the canister never got exposed to anything. That part is fine. The part you pulled out before you closed the back of the camera IS exposed to light, ie. bad. If you loaded the film and released shutter few times, that part may be exposed - depending on what was wrong with your first camera.

It's usually OK to load and unload the film in day light. If I had to do it outside, I usually go to shade or if that's impossible, turn my back to the sun so as to create a shadow with my own body.
Well if the film was ruined, it probably is now. It wouldn't rewind when I took it out of the camera so I just put it back in the canister, a few minutes ago I turned off my lights and other than my LCD monitor it was pitch black. I pulled out the entire roll of film and then wound it back up again as it was stuck or something.
What I had originally done with the non working camera was just load the film into it, tried to turn the camera on but the mirror was stuck up. I then took the film out, it wouldn't wind back in so I just put it in the canister.