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...should two lenses of different lengths have the same looking aperture curtain when I look down the front of each lens?
No way! The "f" in an f number stands for "focal length," and the slash indicates division, with the result being the effective aperture diameter. With that info, you can figure out the rest: two different focal lengths divided by the same number equal two different effective aperture diameters. The aperture corresponding to f/11 on one FL lens is not the same size as the aperture corresponding to f/11 on another FL.

I would check out a basic photo text from the library. It will explain the basics of f stops. "Photography" by London and Upton is a good standard to check out. It will also give you a guide on how to judge the exposure and development of your negatives, and how to troubleshoot printing problems like the one you are having. They are also common in used book stores and thrift shops, usually for very cheap. Any edition is fine. (Some editions are by Upton and Upton, not London and Upton. I believe they were married at one point, and then not, or vice versa.)