Reason I asked was the two shots I took with a large shift came out blank (Rather than underexposed). I suspect I did something else wrong*, but as the image was much, much darker I thought it might be something to do with that. I had left my light meter at home that day (Because I'm forgetful, and haven't yet got round to putting together a checklist) so it was sunny 16 and intuition, but the rest came out surprisingly well.
Were asking for general info as much as anything - I hadn't realised a significantly darker image on the screen didn't translate to a darker image on the film. I'll be shooting mostly slide once I get familiar with the kit - B&W is a lot quicker to process for the moment

*I'm not expecting something like bellows getting in the way as they're bag bellows, but I'll check carefully next time. I don't think it was the darkslide, but you never know!