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Paul, I think your plate was temperature damaged on the way to me. The plate is intact, but it looks like one of those 'Harry Potter disappear in a puff of smoke photos'. I'm quite sad it's damaged.
Would love to see how it should be, will email you privately what I received ( received 2 weeks ago I think ).
Sorry about that - The email got caught by the spam filter..

I see what looks like a solid white line down one side - It looks like the reflection from a fluorescent tube.. If it isn't, then it is damage. From memory, I had wrapped each plate in yellow tissue, placed in a ziplok bag, and then encased in polystyrene. Water damage would have caused the tissue to stick to the plate, and high temperature would (most likely) caused the polystyrene to melt. If you could post another image in this thread, perhaps one of the resident experts could comment - You might want to try using a polarising filter to cut down on reflections.

A slightly cropped print on Ilford Art 300: