Hi Everyone!

Yesterday was my lucky day. Having just relocated to Sweden, I have been on the lookout for a complete wet darkroom since I now have space to set one up in my house. Put in an ad and got a few answers, but mostly from south of Sweden (this is a looong country and shipping is expensive) and not really what I was looking for. So, one chap from my home town called and wanted to sell me a Fujimoto G70 w. colour head, complete with timer, two lenses (2.8/50mm Schneider-Kreuznach Componon S and Nikkor EL 4/75mm), two easels, negative holders for 24x36 and 6x6, trays, maybe 500 sheets of B&W paper mostly unopened, D-76 and Agfa chems, rotary tube for Ilfochrome, safelights, this that, the other and the kitchen sink! All for 500 Swedish Kronor, about 75 US dollars...

I have a few questions about the G70:
- Experiences using this machine?
- The 35mm negative holder is glass-less. That's nice I think. The 6x6 is with glass both sides. This means 6 surfaces to keep dust-free. Would I be better off removing the glass?
- I like printing "sloppy frames" including the holes and neg "data" both in 35mm and expecially 6x6. Is it safe to modify the holders for this? Experiences?

That's enough questions for now. I have lot's and lots on the chems and papers but will ost them later in the correct sections.