ECN-2 developer is cheap. When I ran 5219 through Flexicolor it came out amazingly horrid. Can you post a copy of the histogram from the scanner preview if this is a neg scan? It tells me a lot about the neg.

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It would be really cool if Kodak came out with printing paper that was designed for optical printing from ECN-2. Is that even possible? Would there be a problem with releasing ECN film without rem-jet, for still camera use? I mean, Vision 500T looks like a super-badass film. And everyone says that movie film sales prop up still film sales, well, why not standardize still film to motion picture film technology?
ECN-2 uses CD-3 not CD-4 like C-41, and ECN-2 dev is already cheap. Remjet is easy to deal with in a hand tank and alkaline presoak with agitation (which I follow with rinse, then rinse with diluted white vinegar, and rinse), any left over remnants can be wiped off at the end. I squeegee with fingers several times in the stabiliser bath (with nitrile gloves).