I use a Fujimoto G70 and think it is a great enlarger - very easy to use and sturdy, just not a lot of information available on them and heaven help you if you need parts, there is none at any price. However, for 35mm and MF enlarging, it works well - I do 6x7 film up to 11x14 prints all the time. The price is great as well. I also agree with Brad about destroying negative carriers, given that you simply cannot buy replacements; if your style changes in 10 years, there is no parts to be had. I do not have any glass in my negative carriers and wish I did: while I know it is more dust surfaces, after the enlarger is on for an hour or two, the heat from the lamp causes a slight sag in the negative and makes trying to get the entire image in focus really difficult. This is not an issue in 35mm but in MF, I had too much sag so I bought some glass, a glass cutter and some matte board to make my own and found an increase in sharpness on the edges of the prints.