Okay, I am shaking a few things up here by trying out a pro-pack of the Kodak Ektar 100 color neg film in 120.... As I'm normally a B&W shooter only, I've not done color work for absolutely ages.. Likely over 10 years! I've been kindly asked by my wife to make some color shots of our eldest son for his senior year school year book (NO PRESSURE THERE!) I cannot remember the last color neg film I tried. At any rate, where is a good place to get this film processed? With so many places shutting their color lines down, and with this being medium format, my options have dwindled significantly. For now, I am just wanting the film developed, and will scan it myself for sending in files and will likely have those digital files printed later.

Also, how are people rating this film? At box speed, or otherwise?? Is there anything finnicky about this film that I am not aware of? Special filters needed to adjust color temp etc??

I've searched a few threads that show this film has some color casts in home C-41 kits, and some people are not too happy with it overall. So just needed to know what I can expect...