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So, a color meter like a PML2 could read that right?
It certainly can. Use the magenta/green and yellow/blue channel.

The other problem with trying to make predictions based in densitometer readings is that not only does the stain have differing absorbance in blue and green, but VC papers have varying sensitivities in to blue and green light.

Many years ago, I did some looking into the stain and I took some film developed in PMK and PyroCat HD and I bleached out the silver and then measured the absorbance of these films with a scanning spectrophotmeter. Here's a pdf I made that shows the difference between the stain of these two developers.


It believe this data that PyroCat HD gives more UV absorbance/density than PMK, which is useful with alt processes. And is shows that PMK is going to have a greater compensating effect with PC papers than PyroCat HD.