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What camera are you using? A Lomo of some sort? If that's the case, they have a set aperture and shutter speed, right?

Also, what do you mean by completely black? Are you looking at a photo CD, the actual negatives, or minilab prints?

Many factors going on here... If you're talking about scans/prints, then perhaps you took these pictures inside? If that's the case, ISO100 film + the "slow" lenses typical of a Lomo type camera would definitely result in black images. Take a look at the negatives, are they more or less clear? (save for the orange of the film obviously)
Yeah you hit the nail on the head, the almost pitch black ones where taken inside (you can see light through the window but everything inside is pitch black)

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The photos on your web site look good, are they taken with the same film and camera you are now having problems with?

There is a difference between 100 asa and 400 asa. 100 is good for bright days with a lot of light and the 400 will be good with lower light levels like indoors or shady and overcast days ect.Not knowing if you camera has shutter speed control and aperture controls makes a difference too.

Thank you, the ones on my blog where actually taken with my mobile phone :L and some where edited, I am yet to get any photos developed with my 35mm film camera that have been a success to go on their, I'll keep trying.