Well, Garry's Camera has a standard CLA/Repair charge for FM/FE type cameras of $55 plus $8 shipping (so not necessarily over $100 as was stated above). Besides, buy another camera and you may well have more problems sooner rather than later, have one re-built and it should be good to go for a long time. Garry's has done very good work for me, had decent turn-around time. This work included Meter problems with an FE, but that was a battery compartment issue, which he re-built. Send him an email, he will advise if it's something he may be able to repair - no guarantee.

I like to have these old cameras serviced, they deserve a cleaning and proper lube/adjustment if you plan to use them. If they are just for decoration, no need. I like to believe that I'm Resurrecting them for a future generation by having them serviced now. :-)

I think it's a shame to just toss them if they break and can be repaired. YMMV