Your lomo seems to have a very limited range adjustments, similar to the old Box Brownie or 127 Brownie. With a 400 film from one of the top three manufacturers( Ilford Fuji Kodak) you might be OK outdoors but your scope is very limited.

I'd give serious thought to a reasonable secondhand 35mm camera with a full range of shutter speeds and apertures. There are plenty about for reasonable prices. Then buy a book about taking shots. There are plenty of those about at reasonable prices as well.

Ironically the simpler the camera i.e. the more restricted its controls then the more experienced the photographer needs to be to: either recognise when he can and can't take good photos or when he can, to a limited extent, take action to make an acceptable photo

If you are new to analogue photography and want success as quickly as possible then get the kind of camera I mention above.

I wish you luck if you stick to the Lomo but I fear that sticking to the Lomo will end in tears more often than not.