Options are few:

1) Photo Service, very inexpensive for 120 C41, I'm not sure about the cost of developing 35mm
2) Photo St. Denis, good service and decent pricing. They used to custom develop B&W as well.
3) Borealis, they develop from 35mm to 8x10 sheet film. Rather expensive, but they have the last dip and dunk processor in town!
4) Lozeau, a place I stay away from them They are very expensive and also make me feel like a freek every time I ask something about analogue photography.

If I was shooting 35mm, I'd probably stick with Photo Service for best overall service. Another option is to develop your own of course. I had so much trouble with the quality of C41 processing that I now develop my own with the JOBO C41 Kit. My negatives have never looked better, and print great as well.

Quality scanning is expensive everywhere IMO. Borealis does a good job with this. I bought an Epson flatbed and scan my own now. As I print RA4 in my own darkroom, I have not needed great scans for making large digital prints, yet!

You can PM me for more details if you wish.

Good luck!