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Those are paper, and I have a package of it already. I use them to clean negatives. Problem with these is that they absorb liquid very poorly and they just tend to push them around. Fine for using with cleaners that evaporate quickly like neg cleaners but not so nice for lens cleaners.
I'm surprised of your answer, if your refer to PED-PADS made by Photographic Solutions, Inc.

They look and feel to me like some form of tissue (actually, "non-tissued tissue"). They seem to absorb what I put on them (PEC-12 or, more often, Tetenal Graphic arts cleaner) just as a cotton rag would do. Actually I was convinced they were made of some form of tissue (considering the cost that in fact should not have been likely). I have no idea what are they made of, maybe cellulose, but it looks and feel to me like tissue, not like paper. I never tried to put on them something else, though. Thinking about it, they look like those "fake sheets" they give you in trains when you travel on sleepers, a one-use "non-tissued tissue".

For cleaning lenses, I use air, a blower brush (more the blower, than the brush). The brush of my blower brush has a cap on it to protect it from dust. And one can always wash it with water and soap when needed.

When there is a fingerprint on the lens, after blowing air I just breathe out over the lens and then clean it with a common paper handkerchief, which is taken "new" out of its packet, and I clean the lens with circular motions starting from the centre and spiralling outwards.

I bought decades ago some Kodak Paper stuff (small paper sheets) to clean lenses, which I basically never use because by tactile sensation it feels "hard" on the lens. I prefer paper handkerchiefs.

I never use protective filters on lenses. I always put a cap on lenses before putting the lens, or the camera, back in the bag. I find very little cleaning needs with this method. I only take pictures in urban situations.

I understand putting protective filters on lenses when going to the seaside, or when hiking etc. For the normal town walk I just prefer the best optical quality my lenses can give me.