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cenpengenxer: Thanks for your input. So after you've flipped your batteries, the meter worked as it should..i.e correctly? And just to clarify..you're using hearing aid batteries of the size 312?
Yeppers. Size 312 with a single small round rubber washer for each, stretched around the edge. Funny, I purchased and revived a second 701 between my last post and this reply. The meter on this one, I thought was wonky too, but after a bit of sleuthing - I realized the iris of the included lens wasn't closing down - giving flaky readings. Duh.

Swapping out the lens for a known good one - the meter reads as it should.

So sometime this weekend, I'll probably tear down that lens and try to get the aperture working again. If I can't get it working - I figure it wasn't working when I got it so...nothing lost.