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Pro labs in Mpls have been dropping like flies.

National Camera does c41 35mm in house, I believe everything else goes to Universal. West does C41 35mm in house, don't know about 120.

I haven't used Universal very much recently (maybe 1-2 rolls of E6 in the last year), but I'd be comfortable using them. I think they do enough volume to keep fresh, but no so much that they lose sight of what they're doing.

I think Mpls Photo Center may do C41 too.

Last I knew Mpls Photo Center is only processing B&W and dropped C41 for some reason. They were probably the last place to do C-41 dip & dunk.

I skip National Camera and go straight to Universal Color for my processing. They're great to work with, and the quality is excellent. They're the only place for E-6, aside from going to St.Cloud. They just can't do a C-41 push, and I've been unimpressed with their scanning (even the larger file size is small to me.)

As for Ektar; It's a great film if you don't mind colour inaccuracy. I mean, it has great punchy semi-retro colours, but it's been very temperamental to me. I cannot trust that film to give repeatable results and I've stopped using it.