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Hmm. Tripod stops camera motion, can eliminate tremor's effect. Tripod doesn't stop subject motion.

Years ago I surveyed most of the top aquarium photographers in the world, all much published, all highly respected, about their practice. Short answer, 100% used electronic flash for illumination, none used ambient darkness. Small mobile subjects, magnification around 1:1. This was in the late '70s, before digital came in and long after electronic flash was practical. One of the people I surveyed had started in the '30s with a Contax and bright daylight. He was delighted to have been able to replace the Contax with an Exakta and daylight with electronic flash. There are a few hints in this story.
Not forgetting that the kinds of flash units designed specifically for macro work are used at short flash to subject distances to allow maximun DOF if required.