I poured some sensitised colour tissue about 10 days ago but it is in the deep freeze as I have had visitors until this morning. I also mixed up some dichromated albumen and coated a sheet about a week ago. I had not seen Tod Ganglers video at the time and it was not a success. So I will have another go today and may make a test print on yupo. I have made some prints with a green tissue mixed with C and Y paint pigment, and also with prussian blue watercolour paint. You can do a lot with just one coloured tissue and tinted sizing. When printing with a coloured tissue, its the saturation of the colour that changes in the print, not brightness as with black tissue. Even working with 1 colour your tissue does not have to be opaque, so exposure times are short (+- 1/3 of a black exposre time for green anyway) and relief is psyco. Tinting your black tissue really lifts the look of your prints to something that cant be replicated using any other process. Colour is fun, the hard work is still to come.