These are film scans from an epson4870. I was basically walking around at night trying out the film in places I could never get a shot without a tripod and time exposures . Also I wanted to see what it would do under different lighting. Tungsten (naturally) did very well, but did a surprisingly good job with fluorescents ( the bunny shot ). The artifacts could be me removing the rem-jet--It was tough to get the last bits off, it may be the film was old and not at its best, or I could be asking too much of the film. As for the blue cast, I thought the third one was okay,while the last IS blueish,it was shot under mercury vapor bulbs. I guess you could correct with a filter or maybe post work, but to me it looked like a night scene should (my opinion of course).
I did run some daylight sets, but have to see if I have then on hard copy ,as my computer crashed a while ago.
r paul