Well, I finally got a few minutes to myself and thought I would post a few quick comments about the cards I’ve received so far.

Through the Gift Shop (Valerie) – I haven’t really shot much in square format, but I really like the little square print and the streaky edge.
Trestle (Andrew) – I think this is a great print.
Eiffel Tower (Heinz) – I just got my first bottle of Rodinal (Adinol). I haven’t tried it yet, but hope it is similar. Great detail and tonality.
Little Rock Central H.S. (Inez) – This reminds me so much of my daughters school, a beautiful, old stone and brick building.
St. Pauls (Darwin) – Beautiful little contact print of an old church. Love the detail.
Beach (Trond) – I’m not sure why, but this is one of my favourites. I think it is the simplicity of it (and the fact that I just returned from a few weeks at a each and am already missing it).
The Watchtower (Kris) – I like the grainy look of the sky/clouds. I bet the view from the tower is amazing.
Yard Office (Roger) – Another of my favourites. I really like the strong contrast.
Guardian Angel (Sandra) – I like to shoot at one of the local cemeteries, where there are several similar carved statues. I really like the smooth stone and the amazing detail.
Untitled (Dave) – You really can spin it around and you get some weird optical effect (or maybe that’s the lack of sleep setting in).
No Bikes (Rudiger) – I always enjoy your pictures Rudiger and really like the paper you printed this one on. I haven’t had the chance to try any Adox papers yet.
Life Rafts (Matt King) – I’ve ridden on those ferries a few times and thankfully never had to worry about testing the 50-person limit.
A bit young for coffee (Harry) – Love the tones in this picture. I have a few rolls of Ektar 100 in the fridge waiting for me to get brave enough to try colour processing in my basement.
3 Prints (Mike) – I really like Print 2 and the paper it is printed on. I`m sure it hasn`t been available for years, that seems to be what happens when I come across these papers.
Canoo Trip (Uwe) – Very cool, love the texture of the water.
Pinky & I (Jim) – When I first picked up your picture I was holding it vertically thinking ‘how did he get a cat to sit on his head like that?’
Cold Steel (George) – I hope that train wasn’t coming at you while taking the picture. Very nice, another of my favourite.
Quansit in Snow (Cameron) – Very cool textures and great exposure for the snow. Unfortunately, the postman must have thought this was a ‘Scratch ‘n Sniff’ picture, the bottom left corner looks like someone was scratching it.

That’s it so far, thanks to everyone for all the great images.

Take care,