From your description, you have the V54. I had the high intensity lamp for many years (can't remember the model, but I think it was W45-HI, or similar), and it was a bright bluish florescent color, but not green at all. The normal intensity bulb from that period (Maybe the W45) was a bit warmer as I recall.
Anyways. . . as Fred Picker used to say, "try it, try it, try it". Get a small pack of VC paper and some filters. If it is a V54 lamp the filters (try going straight from 00 to 5) will work, if not, all the prints will be higher contrast.
In fact, I have some extra basic Roscoe Blue and Green gells (Ronald mentions them above) I can send you a piece of. I bought 16x20 or so sheets, and I need only 6" squares. You use them in a split filter scheme - a percentage of the exposure with one, the rest with the other. (Search for "split filter printing" on this forum and you'll find a ton of info). By altering the ratio, you can control the contrast grade. Many folks print this way exclusively.

PM me if you would like me to send you a piece of each color - a cheap way to find out about the light and how it works. If it is the V54, you can continue with those filters, or buy the whole set.