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That's a little rough, 2F. Are you serious? Did you actually believe that James was intent on involving you in a criminal escapade? Stop being such a self-righteous bully! I agree that the request is out of line, but I believe that James was honestly mistaken regarding the legalities of his position. Some kind and guiding advice would go a lot farther in our dwindling film community than telling him to get lost.
Possible infringement issues notwithstanding, this sort of post is really just a chum slick, pitched to attract the uninformed and naive. No qualms with 2F's uppercut.

"I have a somewhat busy schedule, so I'm requesting help in doing this."

I read: "The opportunity cost of my time is so high, you should be grateful for the chance to all but do the project for me." I don't think this a hobby project for the OP; had it been so, he'd have done it himself--happily.

Although he admits he's spread his chum slick of requests for help elsewhere, I don't see much honesty here, though. Sounds too much like a whiney undergrad jonesing for research/writing they can't/won't do themselves.

No one owes the OP beans on this "project." Best of luck to him.