I bought a used CP-31 that is in mostly very good condition. Unfortunately, the recirculation pump for bath 3 doesn't work. It works for two seconds when you switch on the power, then it stops. And there is a leak from bath 3 that must be coming from the pump or one of the hoses connected to it.

Pumps for baths 1 and 2 seem to work fine, although the bath 2 pump isn't quite a strong as bath 1. The temperature controls appear to work for baths 2 and 3. I'm not sure about bath 1 yet.

I've removed the five screws that mate the black plastic molded bath section to the grey bottom section. I also removed the on/off switch. I can't get the parts to separate. Do I need to remove the eight screws from the two drive mount brackets also?

There are also screws in the bottom of the main unit. Do I need to remove any of those?

I don't want to break anything or disassemble more than necessary to get at the pump for bath 3. If anyone has ever done this and could offer some guidance, I'd appreciate it.