In Gran Teton I was shooting my 4X6 and another photographer asked me later if I was shooting a Hasselblad. She was a distance from me when I had the camera set up though. In Yellowstone I was shooting the Hasselblad and a middle aged women walking by and stopped briefly and then said "I hope you are using Kodak" Turns out she was from Rochester. Also in Yellowstone I was shooting and felt like someone was right behind me and sure enough from a large group of Japanese tourists one younger lady was just staring at what I was doing. Try a little bit of conversation but she was content just to watch me work. Then I noticed she had a Leica around her neck.

Several other people in the parks stopped and watch me shooting on the tripod and a few times I was asked why I was using the Hasselblad and why film. I only got the impression that they all were curious and actually wished to know.