Sweet Corn! I was not expecting feedback like this!

Thank you to all those who politely pointed out that I seek legal counseling or attempt to contact the copyright holders/publishers.

I will take all of you words and advice into consideration.

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"I have a somewhat busy schedule, so I'm requesting help in doing this."

I read: "The opportunity cost of my time is so high, you should be grateful for the chance to all but do the project for me." I don't think this a hobby project for the OP; had it been so, he'd have done it himself--happily.
And if you read my original post, you would've seen that I had/have every intention of doing it myself if others do not wish to assist. And VERY happily. Perhaps before you attacked my, you could've asked me a question or two regarding my motive? But no, you instead decided to spread nasty, libelous garbage. Or at best, spout out your uninformed opinion in an insulting manner. Do you see how many others who possibly feel that I was doing something dishonest provided their opinion and suggestions in a polite, and respectful manner? Not that I'm asking for your respect. Since I clearly don't deserve it.

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No qualms with 2F's uppercut.
Of course not. Not when you're throwing punches of your own.

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No one owes the OP beans on this "project." Best of luck to him.
Correct. Nobody owes me anything. I asked if anyone wanted to assist me in getting an out of print work back into the hands of any curious parties. I never asked for money and never will. I never asked for anyone to do the work for me. If anyone was interested, they would've let me know and I would've spoken with them and discussed any contribution they could've made.

I'm not ashamed to admit that I perhaps jumped the gun and neglected to think of any legal consequences of my actions. But if I were knowingly trying to take advantage of people and make money, why would I post here, where I've shared personal information with several people (full name and address)? This is something that I could've trolled elsewhere.

Again, to all of you who provided constructive criticism, thank you very much. I very much appreciate everything you've said.