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At 1:1 your angle of view is one-half that of infinity. Your shakes will be twice as noticeable. You will use a shutter speed twice as quick.
Ic, tremor is only part of the problem. Subject movement is also a killer because of motion blur (flash eliminates this) and movement of the plane of best focus, sometimes of the whole subject, between the time the decision to shoot is made and the time the shot is taken.

Most of my flower shots on 2x3 -- usually taken with a 2x3 Graphic on focusing rail on tripod and, yes, flash lighting -- fail because the plane of best focus moves between the time I finish focusing and composing and the time I take the shot. Remember, I have to close the leaf shutter, stop down (not necessary with all of my shutters), insert the film holder, and pull the dark slide before I can shoot. Wind is a killer.

Most of my flower shots on 24x36 -- usually taken with a Nikon SLR and flash -- come out because little time elapses between focusing and composing and shooting. Shots of fish that won't stop moving -- same gear -- often fail because I'm not quick enough/don't anticipate where the subject will be etc. well enough.

From my perspective most of the posts in this thread have an other-worldly air. I can't help wondering how many of the posters have done much closeup work.