I did the same about five years ago, and for similar reasons. Now I have mostly come back to Kodak because Ilford's prices simply got too high for me, and they did it really quickly. The paper and chemicals are particularly ridiculous in price. While other brands of paper such as Oriental have gone up maybe 5 to 10 percent in the past five years, Ilford's have gone up about 30 or 40 percent in the same time period. And I cannot argue with Arista Premium while it lasts. I still shoot Delta 3200 and from time to time SFX, because there are no equivalent products from other manufacturers. But for paper, chemicals, and other films, I use Kodak, Efke, Adox, Oriental, Fotokemika, etc. Principle can only be taken to the point of affordability in my case. And Kodak films are so outstanding...and Ilford's papers so bland in my eyes, compared to all the others out there (and for significantly less money).

Kodak Flexicolor Fixer is so cheap that – as long as it is being made – buying any other general-purpose fixer makes no sense to me. It's about $10 for 5 gallons worth of the stuff (film dilution) cannot be beat unless you are mixing from powders. How much Ilford fixer does one get for about $10? 20 percent as much. Ridiculous!

Apparently Ilford needs the money badly (poor sales, maybe?), and/or they are trying to position themselves as "The Luxury Photo Supplies Brand" simply by inflating prices. In the latter case, I think they are jumping the gun. The market is not quite to the point where film is a boutique item.