I used to use loads of 35mm Recording Film. I think it was discontinued well over ten years ago, after TMax 3200 had taken over on the high speed front. I always used it at 1000 ASA, (and it was ASA then) and process in HC 110. Grainy as f**k and that's why we liked it. Even better, (or worse depending your viewpoint), processing in print developer would give massive grain. Back when I started working in labs in the 80s, if a grainy effect was needed from an existing neg, a print was made and then copied onto Recording Film. It was on a very thin base so was never dried with hot air. An old client used to assist Linda McCartney and she used it a lot to get the speed and the grain. I think a lot of her shots of Hendrix are shot on it. Tonally it could be soft but tonal which is a good thing if you want to increase the grain as it then needs a higher grade when printing which makes it nice and crisp. The roll you have is well out of date but worth trying. Even maybe clip a a few frames in film and paper dev to see if it works. If you do I can see if I can find my notes for dev times. I think it was about 10 minutes in dilution B, but not sure without checking. Dektol was a lot shorter. There was also a similar emulsion in 120 called Royal X Pan but sadly, that left the scene just as I started to get into it. Hate to say but your roll is not way older than me!