I've got Arista, Foma, and Ilford paper. They can all make decent images. The Ilford has the least drydown of my choices. Saves me time and materials even though the paper is a little more.

The Ilford MGRC warmtone (in dektol) is my favorite paper for the majority of prints. They've got something special that a generic silver paper does not have. Subjective choice I know, but I like it.

So I end up using the arista mostly for contact prints and the Ilford for enlargements. The foma makes good enlargements too, but it's more work to get things right with bigger drydown.

Nothing wrong with Ilford film, but I'm using Kodak TMY2 right now and sticking to it.

Been doing the Kodak Film and Ilford Paper combination for about 23 years now. Never was a huge fan of Kodak's polycontrast papers and didn't mind when it went away.