Yes Mike and here it is from Linda who asked me to post it here,

Hello Workshop participants!

It was wonderful to see many of you last week, even though the occasion
was a life changing one for us. Per Volquartz's passing has saddened us,
but it also brings a certain amount of urgency to our lives--time is
short, let us make the most of what we have by learning, sharing, making
new friendships, and discovering the achievements we have inside. Those
that did not have a chance to meet Per, be assured that he lives through

First of all, the workshop is not canceled. I considered canceling, but
several of you emailed me and asked me not to. Per was very excited about
the high caliber of photographers that had registered and his excitement
was contagious. Ronnie Layden and I have decided that this must go on!
Ronnie has chosen some wonderful locations for shooting. In the evenings,
we will have lectures and demonstrations.

The workshop will be an event that channels the same spirit as the New
York Modernists in the Steiglitz circle and the French Impressionists.
Artistic theories and thought will be a major focus. We will use Per
Volquart's model of teaching--there will not be harsh criticism to bolster
egos, but we will gather to exchange ideas and nurture our creativity. We
will enhance our lives with friendships that make us want to become better

The schedule will be a tight one, but if there is a day that a
photographer wishes to strike out on their own, no tardy slips will be
given. Santa Fe is an amazing place that Ronnie Layden told me is
unlike the rest of "Generica."

Ronnie did have to change one of the locations. Bandelier National
Monument is closed due to wild fires and then flash floods.

Aspens in high color.
A native model working in Las Goldrinas
San Francisco de Asis, Ranchos de Taos
Canyon Road and Camino del Monte de Sol

Our lectures will include: graphic language, history and art of Santa Fe,
composition, among others.

I am also working on details for processing and platinum printing.

The Sunday before the workshop begins we will have a group outing to the
Art museums of Santa Fe.

Those that are participating are a varied group-- from all corners of the
world and with different backgrounds. We are joined by our love of art and
passion for new ideas and thinking more.

I will be lowering the price of this workshop to $250 a person. Those that
sent in the deposits, please let me know, Per had that information.
Everyone that plans to attend, please email me directly.

In the words of Per, "Think more, shoot less."

Thank you so much,

Linda Craig