After licking my wounds for a week or two and very likely joining the vexatious correspondence list for complaining that they don't, for your $30 entrance fee, pay you the courtesy of a "thanks, but no thanks" e-mail I went along to have a look.

The exhibition is in Parliament House, Macquarie Street, prepare to be frisked btw.

Yeah, some are quite good, but the "committee" does have a taste for full on overwhelming skies and major Photoshop "sharpening" and lots and lots of colour.

Anthony Browell's contact printed 8x10 glows in monochrome, caught my eye.

A few film photographers of artistic repute around town didn't bother entering.

Sometimes it does seem a dilemma: to make something a panel of judges will like from past selections (this is the second year of this prize) and maybe win $10,000 or stick to a style of your own--and that isn't easy in a world of millions of images--for better or worse.

As a glutton for punishment I submit to the APUG mob my entry.

Regards - Ross