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If that was the only reason for Ilford's price increases, then the percentages of price rises should be similar to other manufacturers. But see my comment above. Their price rises in the past five years on paper are at least 4x the rises of my favorite competitor, Oriental. And it is NOT just products containing silver. Chemicals have gone up significantly, and the price of silver should have no effect on that. Some possible explanations floating around in my mind are as stated above: the business is suffering badly and they have figured that these are the prices they need to charge to stay afloat, or it is a premature attempt at positioning themselves for an "elite" group of film users.
The metric is not how much their prices have gone up. Recalling their film history, this tells us that their film used to be very cheap.

Compare prices today. Ilford is cheaper than Kodak for film (sorry, don't know paper off the top of my head).

5 years or so back, Ilford had really cheap prices. They were also supplying house brands (Arista, ultrafine, etc) who were selling at really low prices. Ilford had to reorganize.

There can be multiple reasons for the price increase. One just might be their interest in having a sustainable business.