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Ilfosol 3 is better with conventional films, like Tri-X, FP4+, HP5+, etc. DD-X is particularly suited for T-grained films like TMax and Ilford's Delta line.

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Ah ok gotcha. The guy at the camera shop didn't seem as familiar with pairing Ilford's film & developers. Thanks.
Having developed the last 300 rolls or so of HP5+ in DD-X, with occasional abortive attempts to find a better combination, I am puzzled as to what Ottrdaemmerung might mean by "particularly suited." HP5+ and DD-X is a match made in heaven. Pleasing, well-defined grain, a curve that never ends, with both highlights and shadows recoverable all the way to the other other side of the rainbow. Delta looks nowhere near as good in DD-X.

Hmmm... A bit subjective perhaps? Sure it is. That's what the forum is for, no?