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There is no need to be a sucker and buy it from someone trying to rip you off. If the seller can't show the buyer that it works, its not the buyer's job to figure it out, unless he's getting if for a bargain or free.
There is no evidence anybody is trying to rip anybody off. There is no job description for the seller or the buyer. A deal is a deal if both parties agree.

If the buyer can prove to their own satisfaction that the enlarger meets their requirements, then often the buyer can get a bargain.

Most private sales of this type are "as is".

Perhaps you've heard of the motto caveat emptor. Even if the seller says the enlarger works, it is in the buyer's interest to know it enough to figure out whether or not it actually does work to their satisfaction.

You are free to buy a used car from a used car salesperson without a test drive just on their say-so that it works. I choose not to.