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Overheard recently some advice given to a group of camera club members asking how they could improve their photography..."STOP COMPETING WITH EACH OTHER"!!

Hmmm, I think I'd give your photo a 'credit' Ross :-)
I have been through the awful camera club experience in a club not so far from your precinct.

The competing thing is at the heart of this club movement. I found that getting your print up at top left of the display of the night paid off, the visiting judges were usually fatigued by the time they reached the bottom right pics.

I have a kitsch trophy from that time featuring a naked member of Australia's first people, complete with boomerang and pampas grass (?) proclaiming my prowess as "Winner--Large Prints--IWPS 2005" which I hide in a very dim corner of my darkroom.

As for the Parliamentary Prize, it's ten thousand bucks; worth the gamble for the $30 investment, I guess.