Taking stock so far in round 23 I've received (hoping I haven't mixed any up with round 22), not quite in order:

1 Mike Wilde's trio
2 Jim's Pinky and I
3 Craig's water
4 Ruidiger's No bikes
5 Sandra's angel
6 Roger's Yard Office
7 Dave's untitled
8 cw's Quansit in snow
9 George's Cold Steel
10 Kris' Gilbert's Bar
11 Matt's Life rafts
12 Rachelle's Tiger's Nest Monastery
13 Trond's Beach
14 Darwin's St. Paul's, Salt Spring Is.
15 Valerie's through the gift shop
16 Willi's Eiffel Tower
17 Inez's Little Rock Central HS
18 Andres' face
19 Allen's Dry falls
20 Uwe's Canoo trip

and my own makes 21 unless I've already misplaced some from round 23... so that's almost half of them.