I've put 2 just-bought 675 hearing aid batteries with a tin foil spacer between them (a horseshoe so the bottom battery can breathe) into my Lunasix (it's my fathers actually - an heirloom. But I don't think it's been used for decades) I'm experiencing two anomalies:

1) the battery check shows only about halfway to the red mark.

2) In evening light conditions, sun still up, I'm getting an EV of 15.5 when the high scale is activated, but 8 with the low scale activated. It seems to me that it should be off the scale on one of them if it's behaving properly. I think in these conditions the High scale was reading correctly.

Is something out of whack? What I'm hoping to do is firstly start using the meter right away, and secondly to vet the meter's functioning to see if it's worth getting the cylinder/resistor battery adapter from B&H.