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Maybe you are lucky enough to have a good scanner that shipped with nice software, I am not. I have software that can correct the color as well, but if I have it scanned by a lab I don't have to correct it at all. I don't bother any more, even for 35mm if I want Ektar scanned I have the lab do it. I have no problems with any other film but Ektar. I believed this was a user or software problem, I even tried using Viewscan and still had to adjust after scanning, now I just let the people with the $30,000 scanner do it. I like my Canoscan 8800f, but it does not scan Ektar 100 well, Portra, Gold, B&W of all sorts work fine so I know it is not me, it is something to do with the way Ektar and my scanner interact. If it was me all my scans would need heavy correction, they do not.
I use a V500 with Epson Scan software. I use the colour balance tool, though typically I reset all corrections and expand levels to not clip any info and correct using levels and colour balance in Photoshop.. so that I dont have to rescan if I want to correct differently later, I can correct exactly the same in Epson scan.

VueScan is terrible. It isn't Ektar and your scanner, it's understanding colour and the basic methods of correction. You do not need fancy manipulation and profiles that can't be represented by a curve.