>You mean 500T, only Fuji has 500D (Reala 500D).

You are right... I typoed. I meant to say Kodak ECN films in the past and the Fuji 500D and 64D I am using now.

>Subsequent rinsing will not remove all remjet on some films. Some films it just falls off really easily, some films it is too stubborn, squeege it at some point as a test and look at your fingers for black particles.

I have a unique water situation here in SD. The city's well is 2500 feet down into the Maddison Aquifer and comes up at a nice 120 degrees F. Although it is much cooler by the time it gets to me (right near the well), the water is very alkaline, and interestingly, not hard and loaded minerals at all. It will test a 9+ on the litmus paper kit. Since the borax solution that is used to remove the remjet is also alkaline my straight water rinses are quite effective.

I have to use distilled water to make my chemistry for B&W and color, but I use tap water for rinses. When hanging my films to dry, I always use a folded paper towel to wipe the length of the film back to eliminate water spots. I've never had any residue on the paper after wiping the film.