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Agree. This absolute insistence on "analog only" is approaching "flat earth" looniness when it comes to issues like this. I haven't seen anyone use Polaroid proofing in a "film" studio session in years.
Your reply is approaching an insult but you should read what I wrote instead of seeing it as blind insistence. I believe I tried to write that I find an instant picture gives me a better idea of what a film print will look like than what a DSLR gives me. I don't use it to be blindly analog, I use it because it works better for me. I hope that is clear enough.

And... I am not a complete luddite. I have and use Canon pro digital equipment. When I want digital output I use digital rather than scanning film and since digital output is what all my clients want these days I don't shoot with both digital and film for jobs, it is just digital 100%. No one even want prints anymore and even if they do want prints and I try to tell them that analog prints better, they don't want it anyways. At this point the only film I shoot is for me alone.

OK, now I'm really done with this thread, I hope...