Been working a lot, not actually doing much photography. Spent a few moments each week pondering old/used film equipment, sort of low-burning GAS. Went from Leica R, to Contax, to deciding to invest in more lenses for Nikon (I have a couple of film cameras, plus Fuji S3 digital). Whilst on a long weekend break in north of Scotland, I stopped by ffordes. And walked out of there with Bronica ETRSi. Thought that was the end of that.

But yesterday I placed an order for a Yashica FX 70. Comes with the 50mm f2 lens. Some convoluted, nonsensical plan of mine - since Yashica takes c/y mount lenses, I can later pick up a Contax 167MT, and those cameras share lenses. Of course, I should have just ordered a Contax and a Zeiss lens, but this way I've managed to stretch out the camera hoarding impulse.

I haven't found much info on this camera - anyone actively shooting Yashica SLRs?

I somehow doubt there is much to say about the camera except I can use Zeiss glass on it. I'm scanning forums now for Zeiss lens recommendation. The wife is just telling me to let it all go, spend a bundle on a used Leica M6 and couple of lenses, and just end it. But that would mean end of hoarding...