Calling all local MN apuggers.... I wa sapproached yesterday by Howard Christopherson who runs Icebox Gallery and Framing at the Northrup King Building (NKB) in Minneapolis.... Howard was asked by the NKB building management group if he would be interested in putting on a photo event at the annual Art Attack show on November 5th through 7th? For those that don't know, Art Attack is a big event at the NKB site. It's a good draw and attracts many patrons.

Howard then came to me as he is unable to take on this project at this time. Basically, the NKB gallery consists of about 6 to 8 bays that are all well lit wall spaces in one larger room, and he had an idea about having 'booth's set up that would have local photo artists showing/demoing their work, as well as showing work from other artists in our personal collections. There was also an idea about having demos of say collodion, or palladium, pinhole, old cameras, digital negs, digital workflow.... Basically the whole gamut/spectrum of old and new mediums and how people are using them. The space would be free, as would all the publicity during the event, and paid for by NKB. The only expenses would be for whatever we needed to make our booths, (fold up tables and banners), business cards, and all that kind of stuff.

So I'm asking if there are any local MN folks interested in hleping with this?? I also have a fairly short time frame to say yay or nay to Howard. Like tomorrow at the latest. So if there is genuine interest, can you please PM me? or respond to this thread? I am also open to any ideas about other demo possibilities... If you have ideas, let me know.