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As a noob to APUG, i'm sorry if this view has been expressed a million times before, but glancing at this thread i didn't see to much of it.

Yes, Lomography cameras are over priced for the individual items, that is almost undeniable. However they are doing several things that I think help justify the cost.

Firstly they are pretty much the only company in the world making new film cameras, with new lenses, bodies, winding mechanisms; from scratch. Just look at the new LC-Wide. This take a considerable amount of R&D which is not cheap.

Secondly, they are genuinely bringing many new people, myself included, into film photography. I started with a Diana and now have several other Lomo cameras, but also shoot lots with an olympus OM-2n and an old Agilux folding range finder. Lomography has helped develop and sustain my interest to the point where I have broadened out from the lomo style and tried to learn a lot more about photography generally.

Finally, you don't need to spend anything to get Lomography's cameras or anything else in their store. They literally give money away (and lots of it) with there piggy points scheme. In the last 6-8 months i've earned/won/was just given, enough piggy points to get 487 worth of cameras and film from their site. All i've done is write a few short articles, enter a few 'everyone wins' competitions and keep an eye on their facebook page.

Their cameras might be expensive, but they're not when they are completely free! If a few of the serious photographers around here started writing articles and sharing their experience around here, they'd never have to pay for film again.

Now i'm off to decide what to do with the last 150 in piggies i've received in two months.
A well put viewpoint.

Oh.. and welcome to APUG!