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There is absolutely NO reason why Gerry Harvey (co-founder of Harvey Norman and its CEO) can't get with the 21st century and compete online for Australian customers against the rest of the world. He has seen this coming for ages. With the Aussie dollar so high, he can now purchase stuff in bulk at say 20% less than what we pay for it, then add 15% for shipping+administration and a 5% mark up for profit putting the price equal to those already online and hey presto it's now cheaper for you to walk into a store and get it, or if you get it shipped domestically then the shipping is cheaper than from the US and the total cost is Still cheaper for the consumer.

Gerry is very wrong to try and get GST applied to imports <$1000. Let the market forces work it out, not some kind of tariff to force us to purchase from him instead.. Tariffs are BAD.
Except you are wrong. He can not buy these and get a massive discount, because he buys from official Australian distributors, from who he already buys the same volume of products as he would otherwise be buying.

And unfortunately, Distributors are VERY SLOW to lower their prices, as they must have an amount of "buffer" in order to protect against any sort of currency fluctuations

It's very easy to blame retailers, but what most people don't realise is that most retailers don't have a margin any (or at least much) bigger than any international retailer. The biggest problem is the cost prices from suppliers. Annoyingly, often the cost prices from SUPPLIERS is more than the price you can buy some items online (particularly rarer items like film products).

But this is slowly changing - e.g. the Fujifilm X100 is $1199 in the US, and $1,199 at Ted's here in Australia. And that is solely because Fuji has set a more reasonable cost price for retailers...